The Rollertilt – smooth, strong and cost-effective!


Joystick and a Rollertilt

Most people don’t know what a rotating tilt is, the shrewd wrist between the excavators arm and the bucket. It is still very anonymous but has revolutionized the digging with excavators, in the Nordic countries that is, in the rest of the world it’s still much unknown.

Let us present; the Rollertilt

During the 1980’s the inventor constructed the first rotating tilt, today he and a heavy research and developing team in Sweden and China has created this revolutionary equipment for excavators! The team has a solid education and experience and is recruited from Liebherr and Hitachi. In China the products are produced in our own factory, Rollertilt - TuRui China.

The products are made in hard wear steel from Oxelösund in Sweden, a very high quality material, a guarantee for success.

Production and the engineers work close together with development and research. The hydraulic control system is installed and manufactured in our Swedish factory, where also the final assembly testing is carried out, which also handles sales and support for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

- Time costs money: It’s very time demanding to jump in and out from an excavator, all things should be able to operate from inside the machine.

- Personnel costs money: The company wants more work to be done by less personnel.

- Machines costs money: The machine owner wants his machine to be able to do all types of jobs.

Solution: The Rollertilt – cost-effective, time-effective. Transforms your machine into a tool carrier.